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We can sell it for you or we can teach you how!
Let us be your one-stop-drop service provider.  Our services include researching your product and its value, professional photographs and listings, writing detailed descriptions, along with easy processing and shipping, full professional and  friendly customer service for you and your buyer - before and after the sale. 
Whether you want to sell your automobile, designer clothing, furs, or collectibles, we'll do it for you hassle free and we will beat our competitors price!

All Fees Include:
-Professional Customer Service - for you and your buyer.
-Value analysis
-Auction pricing assistance
-Professional digital photographs
-eBay listing and promotion
-Electronic invoicing to buyers
-Shipping and payment processing

"When considering any online purchase, there are certain "friction points" that may positively or negatively impact a buyer's decision to buy and how much they are willing to spend. These friction points can range from understanding exactly what is being sold, to questions about shipping and payment, to the level of trust in you as a seller. Effective merchandising on eBay can minimize many of these friction points, leading to higher sales and profitability. " -Quoted directly from eBay

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